25th Anniversary of Evolution Sails Race

sailing race

On the last weekend in may, evolution sails proudly sponsored their 25th Annual Two-Handed race at Hollywell. Both mono and multihulls took part in this year’s race seeing an increased fleet of 26 boats on the water. Ranging from an offshore adams 12 drawing over 7ft under her, to a cute little egan 6m half that size, to a pickle fork trimaran about that size in width alone, it was a varied fleet – not to mention the colourful spectator craft in tow!

The reason for a boosted fleet this year was primarily to celebrate local sailmaker rob white’s retirement in june, and thank him for his commitment to the sport and our local Marine industry for the past 30 years. Rob established rob white sailmakers on the Gold Coast in 1987 and started this race back in 1992, the same year he brought Graham Sherring onboard as his 18 year old sailmaking apprentice. From Rob White sailmakers to quantum, to evolution sails, the business has evolved and grown and seen many syc Sailors come through its doors, as well as two generations of SYC kids being mentored by rob while doing a sailmaking apprentice or holiday working stint. Thanks to its local customer support, this year rob and graham are celebrating 10 years of partnership in the business together as well as rob’s farewell! As a celebration of these milestones, Rob and Graham invited all past, present and future customers to join in the race, and their families for the festivities after.

Graham ran the briefing and the race course on the day, sending the boats off with a stunning downwind start heading for Couran Cove. Slingshot (Leech 650) and Turbulence (Adams 12) led off the start, with still crazy (Blazer 23), re-tuned (Leech 750) Shorty (Egan 6) and beer ballast (magic 25) in close quarters. Re-tuned, who was re-constructed from a leech 650 last year to a bigger rig with more sail area, overtook them at Ephraim Island. New boat owners and new members of the club being the small family from Couran Point, had their first ever downwind start on their newly acquired ocean racer chaser (1/4 Tonner) bought off John Paltridge. After struggling to get the kite up, they did the family proud and thoroughly enjoyed the race. Turbulence, Drawing 2.4M, saw 0.3M under their keel only briefly, just enough to brace their beers in hand. Thanks to the well planned date and course considered around the tide – they got around the high tide course with ease.

The wind died by the time the leaders had crossed the finish line and the majority of the fleet were stuck in the deep hole finishing up their beverages. By the time they got back to the pontoon it was time for a few refreshments and so the party started. Results were: 1 St, Turbulence (Steven Czapp and evolution sails sailmaker Caedric Reader); 2nd Shorty (Jack and Steve Sherring); 3Rd returned (Peter Pritchard & Chris Percy).

A big thank you from evolution sails to all the past winners and old friends who came to support whitey at his retirement party, he was well chuffed. Including Bruce Callahan who was the first winner along with his son mark, who actually brought along the original trophy he won all those years back!